Resale Emare: Selling and buying at the sea-side community

Resale Emare: In the stunning sea-side community Emare, in the heart of Estepona, a captivating narrative of buying and selling real estate unfolds.. The essence of buying and selling properties within this luxurious project creates a lot of opportunity and potential. Imagine being embraced by the soothing waves of the Mediterranean Sea, a relaxing scenery that sets the stage for your real estate journey. Whether you’re envisaging the acquisition of your new dream home or preparing to pass on the baton of your own piece of paradise. Buying and selling in Emare presents an unrivalled voyage in the luxury real estate world…

Resale Emare
Emare resales leave both buyer and seller happy and fulfilled

(Re)Selling at Emare

On the other side of the spectrum lies the exhilarating realm of selling at Emare. Perhaps you’ve crafted cherished memories within your home over time, but now the chapter is shifting towards new horizons and you would like to put your property for sale. Selling your residence in Emare transcends mere property transfer; it’s about sharing a lifestyle, conveying the enchantment synonymous with this community. Prospective buyers aren’t just attracted by the physical attributes of the house; they’re drawn in by the promise of a life steeped in the Emare experience.

Advantages of selling at Emare

The main advantage of selling your property at Emare is the investment side of your decision. Your property will have become worth more after construction because material and building prices are constantly rising and you paid the old prices, while selling for the new, higher prices. Extra profit can be generated by furnishing your property. People are willing to pay extra for properties that are fully furnished and ready to move in yesterday, so to speak. Looking to furnish your Emare home? Our interior design branch can also help you with that before selling your property.

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Are you looking to sell your Emare property without worries? Contact us through the form and we will find the right buyer for you, while taking care of the administration:

Why list with us?

1. Over 20 years of experience and IPI approved

Our company has over 20 years of experience in real estate. This allows us to accurately appraise your property to make sure you get a correct price. We are also an IPI/BIV agent, which means we are under the supervision of the Professional Institute, and thus must strictly respect the code of ethics of the real estate agent. On top of this we take care of the administration so selling your property becomes a stressless and pleasant event.

2. Big network and lots of exposure

We have a big network and a database with over 4500 potential buyers (and rising) for your property, which means we’re likely to sell your home in no time. Our website also offers a lot of exposure for your listing.

3. Possibility to increase your profit through furnishing

Our interior department can fully furnish your property to give it the ‘oomph’ it needs, while also increasing the value. Ready to move in properties are very much sought after in the Costa del Sol, so having your property furnished by us will boost your profit and increase demand at the same time.

About Emare

This project Emare redefines luxury living, frontline beach. 28 Villa apartments spread over a domain of 2 ha, with the advantages of a private villa and the security of a closed community near the sea! Within this project you will find an apartment with a total area of 421 m2, consisting of 3 bedrooms, a very spacious terrace and 3 parking spaces.

An incomparable setting

A unique place where you can live by the sea all year round. This exclusive development is located where the sea borders the coast and is ideally located to enjoy the art, culture and gastronomy of the region. Residents also have easy access to the wide range of recreation and entertainment opportunities on the Costa del Sol, and opportunities to practice all kinds of sports, including dozens of golf courses in the immediate surroundings.

The home of the exceptional

The unique timeless design makes Emare, an unseen project, which above all exudes peace and luxury. This innovative concept will undoubtedly set a new architectural benchmark on a coastline that has already earned a well-deserved worldwide reputation.

Here you can enjoy the mild and pleasant climate of the region and enjoy a virtuous vacation or a well-deserved retirement.

The spacious terrace at this available apartment, offers an additional living space that is an integral part of the property thanks to the continuous floor level. As a result, the sea is fully part of this exceptional villa apartment.

Characteristic of the exclusivity of this project are:

All this makes the project ideal for both buyers and sellers of resale.

Buying at Emare

As a critical property seeker, you’re well aware that each real estate property tells a unique story. Opting for a resale property in the elevated haven of Emare means more than just acquiring bricks and mortar; it entails embracing an experience, a history that is intricately woven with the home you are buying. Every room, every corner carries its distinct charm and character, and it’s your privilege to carry forth that narrative. Envision waking up to the gentle sunlight filtering through the windows of your new sanctuary in Emare.

Advantages of buying resale at Emare

Buying in resale at Emare has some major advantages over buying off plan. The most important one is the fact your new dream home is almost instantly available and sometimes even fully furnished. This allows you to skip the construction phase and many of the administrative procedures that the original buyer had to go through. Which means that you can move into your new home in Emare, while being fully relaxed.

Another advantage of buying resale at Emare is the fact you can physically see exactly what you are buying, which means there won’t be any surprises after buying the property. On top of this all newly built properties in Spain have a 10 year warranty, which in the case of a relatively new project like Emare will overlap with the ownership of a resale buyer. A resale property is also part of a community that has existed for a while, which means that the surrounding gardens have matured so you can relax in an oasis of green immediately after moving in. Resales usually also have the best locations, since these locations get built on first.

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Features Emare

  • Unique 4-5 bedroom frontline beach apartments & villas
  • Perfect place to enjoy the art, culture and gastronomy of the region
  • Different quality golf courses nearby
  • Surfaces of a villa
  • 24h high security and gated complex
  • Panoramic frontline sea view from your terrace
  • Extensive home automation applications
  • Hidden speakers
  • Latest LED technology build in
  • Miele devices
  • Private elevator directly conneted to each home
  • Heated infinity pool of 37 x 9 m
  • Amazing modern design gardens